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Get Solar PV Installation in Fife

EVi Group provides solar PV installation services in Fife for home owners and companies looking for green energy solutions to reduce their energy consumption. Solar PVs use the sun’s energy to produce electricity and have the least negative impact on the environment among all energy sources.

By installing solar PVs you can generate your own electricity, saving money on your electricity bills and reducing your carbon footprint.

The Benefits

Solar PVs produce the most energy when it is most needed. Energy demands tend to peak from 11am to 4pm as people are more active during these hours. This is also when the sun is brightest, hence when solar PVs are producing the most energy.

Solar PVs are also low maintenance as there are hardly any moving parts. All you need to do is regularly clean them a few times a year.

However, the most important benefit of solar PVs is that it has a reduced impact on the environment. They don’t produce greenhouse gases or release any air pollutants. It is currently the best solution for those that want to do their part in saving the environment.

How Solar PVs Work

Solar PVs utilise semiconductors to convert sunlight into electricity. When sunlight hits a semiconductor, electrons are freed, forming an electric current. Once the electrons have flowed through an electrical circuit, to power your television, for example, they go back.

This is also why solar PVs are low maintenance. Electrons are the only moving parts, and they all go back to the semiconductors. The only thing being consumed is sunlight, which knocks the electrons out of place.

Simple to install and relatively low maintenance, EVi are able to install domestic and commercial solar that generates energy even on cloudy days. Solar PV does not need direct sunlight and can generate energy not only during sunlight hours but also in times of low light.

The Expertise

At EVi our trained engineers have extensive knowledge and experience on a wide variety of installations:

• Ground mounted systems
• Slate/concrete tile/flat/corrugated roofs
• Integrated roof systems
• Domestic/Agricultural/Commercial/Schools

Due to the varying nature of roof types, coverings and available space we offer many solutions. This is achieved by using a diverse range of manufacturers. We do not supply one brand. We will offer you the best solution for each individual property.

Our free solar panels surveys are carried out by experienced solar engineer professionals not salesmen!

These are the important factors we consider at a solar panels survey:

Your geographical location

Being based in Scotland you may think that Solar PV is not viable. The difference between Scotland and the South of England is only some 20 minutes of daylight. Far less than some may think making Scotland very much available for the production of Solar PV energy.

Service Area

EVi Group currently provides solar PV installations in Perth and Kinross. If your home or business is within this area, we’d be glad to equip your roof with our solar PVs. You can also contact us for repairs on existing solar panels and mounting systems.

The pitch of your roof

Anything above 5° and below 70° are acceptable roof pitches for solar PV. If your roof has less than a 30° pitch, a roof survey is required to determine its weight load capabilities. EVi can organise this for you to determine the load capability.

Orientation of your roof

This is possibly the most important factor when considering where to put your Solar PV. Optimal orientation on the compass point is 90° East through to 270° West. Anything outside of this, facing towards North, are not subject to the optimal solar gains and the site survey will confirm expected outputs.

Array design

Once accurate measurements have been taken, EVi then map the installation on our Solar PV platform. This enables us to try various layout options for the solar panels (landscape or portrait) and we can look at the best size panels to maximise the available space.

Panel output

The highest available output for domestic properties is determined through the survey and generally 4kw, this is due to export limitations placed on homeowners by the district network operator. However, we are able to install arrays with far higher outputs. This is achieved by restricting how much is exported.


Shading analysis is crucial to determine any losses that shading may have on your generation. Determining this at survey stage highlights how best to avoid them. A sun chart is used to consider both near (within 10 meters) and far objects (horizon lines). An equation is then used to calculate how this will affect the overall system.

Mounting System

When considering the mounting system, it is important to specify robust fixings that will resist high wind loads over very long periods of time.

At EVi Group we specify roof mounting kits that consider high wind loads. We specify the most robust roof hooks and rail available. The mounting kit can never be over engineered and the difference in costs for upgrading is very little.

The Equipment and Install

The Panels

All panels will be tested and checked by our solar panel installers to ensure they are performing to their maximum potential.

EVi Group are able to offer solar panels from a range of manufacturers to suit the majority of house types with monitoring systems available.

The Inverter

The function of an inverter is to convert the DC current from the panels into the type of electricity can be used in the home (AC). We only specify in IP65 rated inverters because they are sealed units with all moving parts protected from dirt, dust or water. Inverters can be installed in a garage, in the house or outside the house.

Commercial solar panels are a great way of protecting your business against rising energy costs, whilst illustrating green credentials.

How will commercial solar panels work for my business?

EVi will discuss with you the best way to maximise the most of out of commercial solar panels and how it can dramatically reduce your outgoings.

Some of the main factors to note when considering Solar PV are listed below:

• Existing bills – this will determine what size system is needed to satisfy demand.
• What time of day and time of year is the energy needed most – this will assist in the design and orientation of the system.
• Planning permission
• Permission from the Distribution Network Operator (DNO)
• Access and walkways for maintenance
• Guarantees and warranties
• The design, detailed scale drawing, and orientation
• Smart export guarantee
• Savings to electricity bills
• Full cost of installation with no hidden extras

To discuss how a Solar PV array can transform your business give the EVi Group a call on 01383 665071.

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Cleaning your Solar PV can optimize your capacity, bird or rodent barriers can be installed during the installation or afterwards get in touch with EVi for further information.


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