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You will pay between 2-3p per mile on electricity as opposed to 10-13p per mile for petrol and diesel. With less that could go wrong with your car and less to service, your overall costs could reduce by as much as £2000 a year.

Electric vehicles just keep getting better with longer ranges and shorter charge times. Ranges can go from 30 miles on PHEV vehicles to over 300 on EV. Ask yourself how often you travel over a hundred miles?

The vast majority of charging will take place at home where you have off-street parking. There are now over 38,000+ chargers available across the UK, most with free charging and over 96% of service stations have charge points in place.

You can get a grant up to £3500 towards a new vehicle and a grant’s up to £600 to install an electric charge point at home. EVi will take care of the grant application side in respect of charge point installation.

At home a 7kw charge point will take around 8hrs to charge a 60Khw from zero to full. Rapid chargers can deliver an 80% charge in as little as 30 mins, just enough time to recharge your batteries in the coffee shop!

  • EV – Electric Vehicle. EV tends to be used to cover all electric vehicles.
  • PHEV – Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle. Mix of Electric and Petrol/Diesel, range of purely electric mode is limited to 10-40 miles.
  • BEV – Battery Electric Vehicle. 100% electric battery powered vehicles with ranges from 60 -300+ real life mileage.
  • EREV – Extended Range Electric Vehicles. Hybrid vehicles where the electric motor always drives the vehicle. When the battery reaches a certain minimum level, the combustion engine kicks in to charge the battery providing the extended range.

There are a number of mobile apps such as Zap Map and websites such as Greener Scotland that have up to date maps of available charge points. Electric Vehicle Sat Nav will also indicate charge point locations.

You can but it is not advisable! A 13amp socket is not designed to continuously charge your electric vehicle. dedicated charge point installed by an EVi electrician will ensure you have the required capacity circuit to allow a faster and safer charge.

A new zero emission Electric vehicle under £40,000 attracts ZERO vehicle excise duty.

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