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Battery Energy Storage Systems

EVi has teamed up with PureDrive as an approved and certified installer of Pure Storage AC and DC storage systems to provide Kinross and Perth with solar power storage batteries.

Solar batteries are a new, evolving technology used alongside solar PVs. They compensate for solar PVs’ inability to generate power at night by storing surplus electricity. This allows you to save even more on your energy bills by giving you extra power to use in the evening.

With these batteries, you become less reliant on the grid. In conjunction with solar PVs, you will be able to keep your home or business’s electrical appliances like your lights, internet, and refrigerator running even during blackouts.

You can also charge your batteries from the grid at night when tariffs are cheaper and use your battery storage during the day, allowing for even greater savings.

EVi will provide you with the means to reduce spending on energy while also reducing your carbon footprint.

RECC - Renewable Energy Consumer Code


If you have Solar PV, you can generate plenty of electricity when the sun is shining. This energy stored in battery storage means you can use this for cooking, heating or watching TV in the evening.

If you have a variable tariff, you can charge your battery storage at an off-peak rate and utilise cheaper power during the day, saving ££s.

If you have an Electric Vehicle, then this can also be used to charge your vehicle.

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