As society gears itself towards living that is ‘more sustainable’, we must look towards new modes of transport that aim to reduce our carbon footprints. As a result, the emergence of the electric/hybrid vehicle is no surprise – offering lower emissions (and therefore, lower road tax rates).

In 2008, Elon Musk was criticised for his prediction that one day, he would make electric vehicles more affordable. And with a price tag of $109,000 at the time, it would be reasonable to think that Musk was talking in fantasies.

What is World EV Day?

13 years after Musk’s ‘wild’ claims, the electric vehicle has seen nothing but a rise in popularity and a drop in price. So much so that in 2020, launched World Electric Vehicle Day (World EV Day). The annual event aims to showcase the importance of making the environmentally friendly switch towards electric vehicles. On this day, we celebrate the growing success of e-mobility, while also starting a conversation about how we can help ease the transition towards sustainable transport.

What did we do for World EV Day?

Last month we celebrated the 2nd World EV Day. But how did we do this? We invited our local MP, Douglas Chapman to visit the EVi Group headquarters in Dunfermline. We had a lovely conversation, detailing how we pledge to help those across Fife, Kinross and Perth in all their renewable needs, from being a driving force in the campaign to roll out electric vehicle (EV) charging points, fit battery storage units, solar panels and more.

Furthermore, should you decide to make the switch towards electric vehicles, you can rest assured that EVi Group will guide you through the process, helping you to get to grips with the grants on offer to you.

Advantages to Electric Vehicles

So why should you make the switch towards electric vehicles? Are there any advantages to having an electric vehicle? In short, yes!

First and foremost, you should consider the environmental impact that switching would have. Since these fully electric vehicles have no need for fuel, gasses that are commonly linked to pollution of the environment are a non-factor when driving. Take for example, carbon dioxide. While there are hybrid electric vehicles that work with petrol and diesel engines, their mark on your carbon footprint will still be considerably less than if you were to purchase a vehicle that is fully reliant on petrol or diesel to operate.

Furthermore, if you move forward with your decision to purchase an electric vehicle, EVi Group can help with the charging point installation at your home. As an added bonus in reducing your carbon footprint, we offer solar panel installation across Scotland, meaning you can ensure that when you charge your electric vehicle, it is being done so with a renewable energy source!

Another reason for switching towards electric vehicles? The Scottish and UK governments are keen to push the campaign for electric vehicles. Currently, the Scottish government is accelerating its efforts in the rollout of EV charging points across the country while the UK government has pledged £21 million in funding for electric vehicles. Therefore, in choosing to make the switch, you will actually save money via grants and schemes that are designed to encourage others to also consider the more environmentally friendly option.

Ready to Make the Switch?

Making the switch towards sustainable forms of transportation is a sure-fire way to help in the reduction of our carbon footprints. You can also rest assured that when you make the decision, EVi Group will be there to guide you through our Electric Vehicle Chargepoint installation process. We would encourage you to consider your next vehicle purchase to be of the electric variety, especially in the run-up to COP26.