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Typically, no. The most ideal direction for a solar array is South facing. However, we have installed many arrays on East and West facing roofs and in our experience the solar production is very similar to that of a South facing roof. More important than orientation is shading.

Panels have a 20 year warranty and a working life of about 40 years.

A typical install is 4kW which is approximately 12 panels. Each panel is 1m wide by 1.7m tall. if you decide to have more than 4kW and you have the roof space this is scaled proportionally.

This is very important as shade from chimneys and trees or adjacent structures can significantly reduce output. All potential installations are surveyed for shade to help produce estimates of returns.

Use SolarEdge optimisers. A SolarEdge system minimises the effects of shading. It achieves this through attaching optimisers to each panel so they can operate independently. A SolarEdge system ensures that when one or more panels are in shade the rest of your array is unaffected and can perform to their maximum potential.

No, not directly. Those types are called solar thermal panels. However, PV panels do integrate really well with your hot water cylinder. By way of an immersion control you can divert any excess PV generation directly to your cylinder instead of exporting it back to the grid.

One day is usually sufficient for 4kW.

Nothing. Our design and installation takes all of this into consideration using data provided by MCS – a governing body. We also consider manufacturer guidance for costal and high wind load areas.

No, panels can be fitted onto flat roofs using special fittings to give the appropriate angle to the sky.

Roof angle is not that critical but according to the MCS irradiance tables 38 – 40 degrees will give marginally better results than lower or higher roof pitches.

Yes, solar PV can be put on other surveyed roofs or even on the ground using frames designed for the job. See our installation page for more.

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