Public EV Charging Point Installation Services for Local Governments

Electric cars cost less to run than diesel cars. They’re also better for the environment as they emit less air pollutants. They may someday become essential to saving the environment while preserving our current lifestyles as far as transportation is concerned.

However, using an electric car just isn’t practical in most places due to the lack of public EV charging points. EVi can help with that.

We provide local governments with on-street EV charging point installation services. Local Authorities have access to the Government’s On-Street Residential Chargepoint Scheme in order to assist in the reduction of carbon emissions and tackle air quality.

With EVi, you can work towards creating a more sustainable future for the country.

EVi is ideally situated to aid local authorities in the implementation and installation of EV Chargepoints. With our team of NICEIC accredited engineers you have the assurance that your project will be carried out by experts on the subject matter.


The Government has set aside £20 million for the installation of on-street charging points where the population does not have an off-street parking option. The electric vehicle market has grown since 2011 by 1,089 to 450,000+ in January 2021. Due to increased popularity, availability of greater car models and manufacturers committing to all electric platforms in the next few years, the electric vehicle market will only increase further. Ensure your local authority can provide the infrastructure and meet the demand.

Of the capital costs of installing a charge point.
Up to £6500 per charge point available.
£20m funding available for on street parking


Our team of highly experienced installation engineers accredited by NICEIC and approved by OZEV and Energy Saving Trust (EST), know the importance of the change to your fleet.

With a wide range of installation solutions, detailed information on financial assistance and guidance through the process, let EVi move your fleet towards the future.

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