Ohme Home Pro Charger Installation

EVi is delighted to partner and be a Ohme authorised installer and bring this very innovative piece of EV charging to our customers. The Ohme Home Pro charger has a unique “brainbox” which finds the cheapest electricity from your energy provider. The simple to use app automatically chooses the cheapest available electricity to save you money – very clever.

The Ohme comes in two options:

  1. The Ohme Home Pro Charger is a tethered unit with a 5m cable Type 2 connector.
  2. The Ohme Home Pro has a very unique Interactive LCD Display.
  3. This stylish New Ohme Home Pro Charger has Dynamic Load Balancing built in.
  4. Over Network Updates via a 4G connect for 3 years.
  5. Ohme Home Pro has Energy Tariff and Vehicle Integration.

Order yours today and have it installed by your highly trained EVi Engineers with Military Precision.


Get in touch with us today to find out how EVi can help you. Call us on 01383 665071 or email us at enquiries@eviuk.co.uk.

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