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By storing the energy generated from solar in reliable, powerful batteries, you can have a self-generated, renewable energy source. By storing energy from a cheap overnight tariff, you can reduce your electricity bills for use during the day.

A battery system is the answer to self-generation, reduced electrical costs and in the event of a power cut the energy storage system will restore critical loads to the home.

A hybrid battery storage system and Solar PV system is available from EVi. Through discussion with our site engineer, we can provide options for you to consider in order to maximise output and value for money.

Our hybrid battery storage systems are compatible with all solar panels so is ideal with retrofit applications. We can replace your ageing inverter with a state-of-the-art hybrid which will work with your existing solar installations.

If you currently receive feed-in-tariff (FiT) payments for the electricity you generate with your solar PV, they will not be affected if you install a battery storage system. The FiT scheme was discontinued for new home solar PV systems installed on or after 1st April 2019, but existing qualifying households will not lose any of these payments for the contract term (usually 20 years from installation) if they do install a home battery system.

Our range of battery storage systems are stackable from 2.4kWh to 9.6kWh, each battery compartment holds two battery units of 2.4kWh, So just connect and grow your system from 2.4kWh / 4.8kWh / 7.2kWh / 9.6kWh.

The benefits a household will receive will depend on a number of factors including your location, the size of your solar power system and your energy plan.

Battery storage systems can store excess solar-generated energy from a solar system, or energy sourced from the grid, for use at a later time.

The stored energy can be used for FREE instead of importing electricity from the grid, so depending on your electricity tariff, you may be able to take advantage of using your battery when prices are highest.

Battery storage lets you store the surplus solar electricity, instead of exporting it to the grid. Battery storage lets you use more of your solar PV system’s output increasing self-consumption. This reduces the amount of grid electricity you need to buy, saving you money on your electricity bill.

Yes: Sizing systems is important to enable yourself to get the best return of investment back within the quickest time frame. So it’s slightly more complicated than just adding batteries.

Yes, our systems can be set to enable to charge the battery with energy delivered from the grid at off peak times, and automatically transfer to battery power at peak times.

The battery storage system is designed to be wall mounted or ground mounted. At EVi our certified engineers will talk you through appropriate locations during a pre-installation site inspection at your home or business.

YES, our systems will restore critical loads, automatically in the event of a power cut, providing there is sufficient back-up.

Our battery storage systems will operate with Solar PV if you are off the Grid.

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